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Philbur’s No.6 Hot Sauce

No. 6 is the mildest sauce of our classic trilogy. It is a sweet roasted pepper base with jalapeno, habanero and fresh herbs. Made for people that do not usually do Hot Sauce.

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Philbur's No. 6 Hot Sauce

Philbur’s No.10 Hot Sauce

No.10 Medium Hot Sauce has the same sweet roasted pepper base as the No. 6 with added Ghost Pepper for more back of the throat heat.

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Philbur's No. 10 Hot Sauce

Philbur’s No.14 Hot Sauce

No. 14 Hot Sauce has the strongest heat of the classic trilogy of sauces. Sweet roasted peppers, jalapeno, habanero, ghost and scorpion peppers with a fresh herb finish. Great taste with a punch!
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Philbur's No. 14 Hot Sauce


Philbur’s was founded in 2017 as a late-night pulled pork and chicken taco stand in downtown Portsmouth, NH. The sauces were originally created to compliment the tacos. After countless positive reviews, we pivoted full-time to our homemade sauces.

Combining just five ingredients to create sauces you can trust, all sauces are state-approved, locally crafted and shelf-stable with no added preservatives or sugars.


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